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Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

'Learn to love as we love to learn'

Alongside encouraging high academic standards, we aim to grow accepting, self-aware young people, who are offered a broad range of experiences, (creatively focussed in the outdoors and through the Arts), learn to feel they can “make a difference”, become resilient and are able to make the right choices for a fulfilled life, where they can face all that life brings, the good times along with the challenges.

Our pupils learn to love themselves and each other, while growing intellectually.

The Church of England’s Vision for Education strives to ensure that all pupils live “life in all its fullness” John 10:10.

…I came to give life—life in all its fullness

John 10:10

We know that a fulfilled life brings many positive aspects (learning, growing, celebrations, being fulfilled, being busy, giving, joining in, taking opportunities) as well as many sad and difficult times and challenges (death, worry, grief, challenge, conflict). This complete view of life’s experiences is how we at St Herbert’s view “life in all its fulness”. We all need to support and help each other through good and bad times, so, alongside loving to learn, we also  place high value on learning to love one another.

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As a Voluntary Aided Church of England School, we follow the principles of the Church of England. We aim to create a vibrant and broad menu of experiences so that our children will flourish through experiencing life in all its fullness. (John 10:10). We will provide: 

  1. A safe learning environment
  2. High expectations for academic, spiritual and personal achievement
  3. A team based ethos throughout the school
  4. A supportive, passionate teaching team
  5. Opportunities for adventure
  6. Strong partnerships with families
  7. Very strong links with the Keswick community and local parishes
  8. An exciting and engaging curriculum, providing adventurous opportunities for children and staff to take risks and feel challenged within a supportive framework
  9. A clear understanding of where they are in their learning and what they need to do next
  10. A World class local environment, which enables a regular, developmental programme of residential and outdoor learning opportunities

Our Values

As a whole school community, we ensure that our vision is realised through 4 core Christian values. These values are embedded in the life of our school and all members of our community work hard to ensure they are at the heart of all we do. They are:


Seeking the understanding needed to become self-aware 21st century learners,  through engagement and perseverance in a just and creative environment. 

2. Hope and Aspiration

Instilling a sense of aspiration and opening up horizons for everyone to enable lifelong personal fulfilment

3. Community

Creating a sense of belonging so that everyone can flourish together, for the common good, through friendship and service

4. Dignity

Valuing ourselves and others with respect, humility and compassion.

Our vision and values are reflected in our school prayer: 


Almighty God, we thank you for our school.

We thank you for everyone here.

We pray that our school will be a place be a place where we learn to love, as we love to learn

A place where everyone is respected and all are deeply valued.



We also have a school song which you can hear in the short film about our values at the top of this page.