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Our intention is to develop and nurture the whole child. We have high academic aspirations and a desire for children to achieve their full potential.  We ensure they are loving, nurturing and inclusive citizens, able to succeed in life and make an active contribution to the world. In Early Years we focus on experimental, creative and reflective learning so that knowledge, skills, vocabulary is embedded and connected alongside explicit teacher led sequences. In KS1 and 2 we continue to use strategies from Early Years but introduce more subject specific knowledge, skills and vocabulary. We continue to make meaningful connections across the curriculum and wider curriculum so that pupils can apply their learning effectively. We actively seek pupil engagement in their learning. We want our pupils to love learning and continue to learn throughout their lives. Our intent for the RE Curriculum is to be rigorous and ambitious academically in order to maximise progress and also be creative, challenging, enriching and reflective for all our pupils. This actively lives out our school vision ‘Learn to love as we love to learn.’  As we believe in God’s goodness to all we are inspired to be aspirational, loving and inclusive. Our intent is for pupils to leave our school holding deep, balanced and informed understanding about religion and world views. In Early Years RE is experimental, creative and reflective and children are carefully supported by well-planned independent and teacher led opportunities. We give pupils time to think; talk about and consider the world around them and the beliefs of others. We use explicit units from The Blackburn Diocese agreed syllabus and Understanding Christianity. In KS1 and 2 our children build on the knowledge acquired in Early Years and we use the creative, exploratory and reflective approach but add further opportunities to look at religious and non-religious world views in increasing depth. RE is a valued core subject and as such is given high priority in terms of ambition, curriculum time, expectation of teacher knowledge and CPD.