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Statement of intent for Science

We provide pupils with a rich, practical, skills and knowledge-based curriculum that will enable them to become enquiry-based learners who will be curious and ask questions about the world around them.

They will build up a body of key foundational knowledge and skills through the disciplines of chemistry, biology and physics and a secure understanding of the importance and impact of the work of scientists, now and in the past.

Our world-class location provides a dynamic and challenging environment for our pupils to experience science and its cross-curricular elements, delivered through our outdoor curricular elements.


  • Prepare our children to live in an increasingly scientific and technological world.
  • To promote curiosity about the natural world and concern about its protection.
  • Develop a scientific approach to problems, planning and carrying out investigations using equipment, including computers, correctly.
  • Develop the use of scientific vocabulary and techniques.
  • Evaluate evidence, making links with other learning and present their conclusions clearly and accurately, both orally and written.
  • To use Building Learning Power to support children to be able to:
  • Know and understand the life processes of living things,
  • Know and understand the physical process of light (including electricity), sound and natural forces,
  • Know and understand the properties of common materials,
  • Know about the nature of our solar system including earth,
  • Know and understand how eminent scientists past and present have had an effect on their lives,
  • Encourage positive attitudes to science,
  • We aim to teach science in ways that are imaginative, purposeful and enjoyable, supporting children to make links and ask questions.