Daily Routine

Daily Routine

The doors on both sides of our Nursery and Reception (Early Years) unit are opened at 8.45 am. We encourage children to self register in their cloakroom. An activity is provided for parents to do with their child. This provides an opportunity for parents to talk to any member of our team.

At 9.00 am a tambourine is sounded to signal registration in the Early Years carpet area. It really does help children if parents leave promptly at this time as hard as this sometimes seems. Afternoon Nursery start at 12.20 pm with lunch.

For the rest of the school, doors open to children and parents at 8.45 am when teaching staff are in classrooms (KS1) or in the playground (KS2).School then begins at 9.00 am.

School ends for everyone at 3.20 pm. Parents and children should enter school by the cloakroom entrance. Parents are encouraged to take a look at what their child has achieved that day and to ask any questions they may have.

A total of 21½ hours per week is spent on class teaching in Early Years and KS1 and 23½ hours per week in KS2 (excluding assembly, registration and break times). 

Main School Timetable Start Time End Time
Registration 9.00am 9.10am
Literacy/Numeracy or Foundation Subject 9.10am 10.10am
Worship/Assembly 10.10am 10.30am
Break 10.30am 10.45am
Literacy/Numeracy or Foundation Subject 10.45am 12.00pm
Lunch Nursery 11.30am 1.00 pm
Lunch Reception and KS1 11.45 am 1.00pm
Lunch KS2 12.00pm 12.50pm
Registration KS2 12.50pm  
Registration KS1 1.00pm  
Afternoon session 12.50pm 2.00pm
Break 2.00pm 2.15pm
Afternoon session 2.15pm 3.20pm