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Visiting St Herbert's School

If you are considering St Herbert’s for your child, we recommend that you Contact Us to make an appointment with Mr Craig, our Head Teacher, to come with your child to see the Nursery and Main School at work and to meet our staff. You can also find out more on the About Us and Early Years pages of this website.

Applying For A Nursery Place

Children are eligible to start at St Herbert's Nursery the term following their third birthday. Application closing dates for each intake are 31 March for September entry, 30 September for January entry and 31 January for April entry.

Missed the closing dates? Don't worry, just Contact Us to see if we still have places available.

For more information about applying for a nursery class place, or to download an application form, please click here. A paper version of the application form can also be collected from the school office. Once you have submitted your application, please also bring confirmation of your child's date of birth, e.g. passport or birth certificate, and of your home address, e.g. recent utility bill or bank statement, to the school office for verification.

Please see the School Policies page of this website for our full Nursery Admissions Policy.

Applying For A Reception Place

Children normally start in Reception in the September following their fourth birthday. The closing date for applications for September entry is 15 January each year. Please note that attendance at our Nursery does not guarantee entrance into Reception and a separate application must be made at the appropriate time.

Missed the closing date? Don't worry, you can still apply or just Contact Us to see if we still have places available.

Click on the banner below to visit the School Admissions page on the Cumbria County Council website where you can find out more, apply on-line or download a paper form.


Our full Admissions Policy can be found on the School Policies page of this website.

Applying for An In-Year Place

The in-year application process is for children seeking to move schools outside of the usual timing of starting in Reception following the child's fourth birthday.

Sometimes a change of school is unavoidable, such as when a family has moved house. However, if you are thinking of changing schools for other reasons, you should consider your options very carefully and talk through any issues with the current school. A change in school can be very unsettling for a child, may affect the progress they are making at school and may not resolve the issue causing you to want to change schools.

If you want to apply for a place at St Herbert's outside of the normal admissions cycle, then you can apply to us directly, rather than through the County Council. Please Contact Us to find out more and see if we have any places available.

Appeals process

Families who are not offered a place at their preferred school or schools are given the right of appeal to an independent school admission appeals panel. If this happens to you, the relevant admissions authority will send you a letter that will give you further information and will explain what to do next, including the deadline for appealing (if you want your appeal to be heard along with all of the other appeals for that school) and who to contact.