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We have engaged in eco activities since 2010 at St Herbert’s School and currently hold the silver Eco Schools award. 

As part of our commitment to the environment we engage in a variety of activities described below:

  • We take part in the Big Schools Birdwatch in February
  • Years 5 and 6 have been involved with the COP26 Climate summit, marching for Climate Change with Oxfam and working with a climate activist
  • We regularly collect rubbish from around the school grounds
  • Year 6 monitors manage paper and card recycling across the school
  • We have a clothing recycling point
  • We have worked with the National Trust to maintain the footpaths, park and woodland around the lake shore
  • We work with West Cumbria Rivers Trust as part of our curriculum learning
  • The whole school participates in Earth Hour in March
  • The Eco Committee meets regularly and promotes electricity saving during Switch Off Fortnight

We also hold the Woodland Trust Green Tree Schools Award at gold level. This has involved working outdoors and respecting the environment. We have planted several small hedges around our grounds as well as trees in KS1 that are now quite established.